Trading & Contracting

Renaissance Trading and Contracting is founded with an aim to be the leading Integrated Solutions provider to the infrastructure and industrial sectors in Qatar. Our Company operates through strategic business that offer wide range of products and services ranging Mechanical, Marine, Environmental, Electrical and Instrumentation.


Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division

  • Heat Exchangers, Process Skids
  • Strainers and Filters
  • Blowers and Fans
  • Fired / Electric Heaters
  • Wellhead Equipment and Accessories
Mechanical Division

Mechanical Division

  • Valves, Flanges, Gaskets, Fasteners, Pipes & Pipe Fittings
  • Pumps & related Accessories
  • Seamless & ERW Pipes, Ductile Pipes & Fittings
  • Grooved, Threaded, Welded – Fittings
  • Breechings, Chimneys & Stacks
Mechanical Division

Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Switchgear & Generators
  • AC & DC UPS Systems, Battery Chargers
  • Cables, Busbar, Cable Trays & Conduits
  • Earthing & Lightening Protection
  • SCADA, PLC, RTU's & Distributed Temperature Monitoring system
Marine Division

Marine Division

  • Navigational Aids
  • Submarine cables
  • Marine Boilers
  • Composites and coatings for Marine Industries
Environmental Division

Environmental Division

  • Oil Containment Boom
  • Skimmers
  • Absorbents
  • Pallets and kits etc.
General Trading Division

General Trading Division

  • Trading through partners in US, UK, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia & India for Manufacturers/Products not available in Qatar


Renaissance Trading and Contracting has taken a journey to become active and fully operational Services Company since 2017.  We endeavour to serve Infrastructure and Industrial sector with diverse, quality and Integrated services and Technologies. Our aim is to continue and diversify into different ventures on a sustainable growth.

With our capacity and capability, we are prepared to undertake any project and maintenance contracts.